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husband spends too much money

Reader Question: My Husband Spends Too Much Money!

Dear Lauren, I’m ready to start this journey to be debt free. I made a list of our expenses, and for the first time I think we can do this if we make sacrifices. The problem is with my husband.

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How to Budget for Unpredictable Income

Your income for the month ahead is unpredictable next to impossible to guess. There are some really good months, and there are some super tight months. The not-knowing is stressful. You wonder if next

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How Much Money Do You Need to Save for Car Maintenance Costs?

Let’s find out how much you can expect your car maintenance costs to be this year and how to plan for it.

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when you feel stuck

5 Unique Tricks to Get Unstuck

Lately I’ve been feeling stuck. Trudging through the mud stuck. Swimming through a sea of molasses stuck. Everything and everyone racing past me while I try to get my feet unglued from the floor stuck.

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buy a reliable used car

5 Steps to Buy a Reliable Used Car

If you could get rid of your car payment, would you? I think it’s safe to say most of us would, under one condition: if you buy a  used car, it has to be RELIABLE. In this post, I’ll show you how

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Budget App Review: Every Dollar Plus

As a coach and as a busy mom and wife with little time or patience for clunky budgeting software, I’ve taken it upon myself to scour the internet for the best budgeting app out there. I’ve tried everything

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