The Determined Dollar

Get the Best Deals on Online Purchases with the Triple Stack System

When I think of a triple stack, I think of delicious blueberry pancakes with maple syrup cascading down the edges and fluffy layers of yellow cake unified by dense chocolate buttercream. I also think of getting the best deals on online purchases and saving more than ever before.

Here’s the thing about saving money: I’m all for it and I truly believe every penny counts. But even more, I want a strategy, a system, a game plan that I can put on auto-pilot to maximize savings and minimize the time and effort that goes into it.

When you learn to stack- or use in combination- multiple savings methods, the amount you can save adds up rather quickly!

So here’s the process, and it involves three layers of applying discounts to your online purchases.

1. Get Automatic Rebates

First, sign up for Ebates. Ebates is totally free and here’s how it works: Once you’re signed up, you simply go to INSTEAD OF your online retailer (Yes, even Amazon!) I recommend bookmarking the website and adding the Google Chrome extension. This will alert you if you’re on a website with an eligible rebate so you don’t miss out!

Search for the online store and click on it within the ebates website. Ebates will redirect you to the store’s website and will automatically put the rebate percentage into your Ebates account when you make your online purchase.

Or if you have the Google Chrome extension, an alert will pop up in the corner of your screen asking if you want to get your eligible rebate when you go straight to a store’s website (uh, yes please).

It is literally that simple and 100% legit. We’re talking 2-6% back on most online purchases- sweeet!

Ebates pays you quarterly either by depositing your money into paypal or straight to your bank account.

2. Test Promo Codes

The second part of the stack is to see if there are any promo codes you can use to get an upfront discount. I use the Wikibuy extension. It’s been good at alerting me to promo codes when I would never have thought to look for any, and it scans all of them to find you the best deal.

Simple enough.

3. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

And it gets better. Because BEFORE you hit purchase, you’re going to go to and search for a discounted gift card. This is the third discount stack.

Raise buys unwanted gift cards and sells them at a discount. The best (and common!) gift cards I have found are 10.8% off Old Navy, 4% off Bed Bath & Beyond, and 3% off Southwest Airlines.

Buy the giftcard in the closest denomination available to the purchase amount. I’ll share a personal example. I found clothes on sale at Old Navy and bought the twins a couple pairs of jeans and dresses. The total was around $76.40. However, I had to either buy a $50 or $100 giftcard. (It just depends on what’s available at the time.)

Since I don’t shop frequently at Old Navy, I couldn’t be sure that I would use the extra gift card money any time soon, so I went for the $50 gift card and used my debit card for the rest.

The great thing is I saved over $4 just by buying the discounted e-gift card before making the Old Navy purchase. On top of that, the Wikibuy Chrome extension found a deal for an extra 44 cents off the giftcard.

For my purchase, the retail price was $153.92. With sales and promos, the total came to $76.40. With the savings from the discounted e-gift card on Raise and 6% back from Ebates, I paid a total of $65.98 before taxes, saving 57% overall on the purchase!

Retail Price: $153.92

Total savings: $87.94

Net Paid: $65.98, excl. Tax

Percentage Saved: 57%

It’s a few dollars here, a few cents there. It’s like the same concept that causes us to mindlessly spend money on frivolous items reverse engineered. The savings WILL add up! As for me, I’m never going to shop online without using this three-stack savings system again.

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