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How to Start Investing

How to Start Investing (Part 1)

So you want to learn how to start investing. And can I just say, I’m so excited! This is gonna be great! Let’s get right to it. When you first start investing, you want to be debt-free and have

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How to Save Money at Costco

Costco, the giant warehouse that is land of $5 rotisserie chickens and humongous slices of food court pizza. It’s an impressive store with low cost-per-unit prices. But does it actually save you money

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How to Handle Awkward Money Situations with Grace

Awkward money situations abound, as much as we’d like to avoid them! Money touches every aspect of our lives, yet we try very hard to make money invisible, at times pretending it’s a non-issue

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8 Ways to Know if Dave Ramsey’s Plan is Right for You

Personal finance can easily overwhelm anyone. If you ask five different people a question on the topic, be prepared to get five different answers. The problem with personal finance isn’t a lack of information,

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Should You Tithe While Paying off Debt?

The Bible has a lot to say about money, but the modern application of biblical principles can be elusive at times. If only God would send down a stone tablet with a list of applicable verses for what

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How to Get Your Spouse On a Budget

Money and marriage… oh what a tricky thing! Money can be an incredibly sensitive and emotional topic, and conflict can quickly escalate when married couples try to talk about money. So most of the

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