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8 Ways to Know if Dave Ramsey’s Plan is Right for You

Personal finance can easily overwhelm anyone. If you ask five different people a question on the topic, be prepared to get five different answers. The problem with personal finance isn’t a lack of information,

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Should You Tithe While Paying off Debt?

The Bible has a lot to say about money, but the modern application of biblical principles can be elusive at times. If only God would send down a stone tablet with a list of applicable verses for what

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How to Get Your Spouse On a Budget

Money and marriage… oh what a tricky thing! Money can be an incredibly sensitive and emotional topic, and conflict can quickly escalate when married couples try to talk about money. So most of the

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8 Date Nights for Tight Budgets

Date night. What do you do when you’re working out your budget and date night suddenly goes from being a given to an expensive luxury? Last week’s post was a bit on the heavy side, so I thought it

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5 Money Mistakes that Kill Marriages

  If you want to divorce-proof your marriage, getting on the same page financially and avoiding critical money mistakes is one of the best ways to do this. The proof is in the stats: money-related

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