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how we saved $257 this week

A Week in Review: Three Choices that Saved Us $257

This week has been a little nuts. Anyone else? The twins got a cold (it’s the second week of preschool) and it’s felt kind of hectic trying to settle into the new school routine.

Usually when this happens, my focus in on SURVIVAL more than it is on saving money. But this week, I’ve gotta say- we’ve done well! Mostly thanks to Kyle.

This has also been a week of things breaking. Not giant expenses (yet, knock on wood!), just a bunch of smaller things like our printer and the kids’ humidifier.

My husband is on a mission to save money by being ultra cheap. I may be the strategist with the overall vision, but he’s the detail-oriented guy who’s great at coming up with new ways to save money. It’s one of the many things I love about him (even though he took it a little too far when he started tearing baby wipes in half- haha!)

I did a quick calculation to see how much we’ve saved between his efforts and my shopping victory, and I was shocked at what a difference these small choices made for us this week. 

Taking a Deep Breath: $20 Saved

This is my shopping weakness: I tend to get sensory overwhelm from fluorescent lights and crowded stores, and when the kids are shopping with me, I pray that they don’t need to use the store bathroom! I just want to get in, find what we need, and get out. This is why I do most of our shopping on Amazon.

But this time, we really needed the humidifier ASAP. Long story short, the first store didn’t have what we needed.

So I (already frazzled) loaded the kids back in the car, and we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I knew I had a 20% off coupon on my email. We get there and the cheapest humidifier was $20 more than what I wanted to spend; however, it was still within budget with the coupon. Only problem was my phone battery died and the store’s record did not show an active coupon associated with my email.

By this time, I was ready to call it quits. I honestly didn’t care that much if I went over budget; I would take it from my personal spending or something like that. We needed the humidifier and all I could think of was getting out of the store and heading home.

But instead, I took a deep breath, and said, “Thanks, we’ll come back another time when we have a coupon.”

On the inside, my “inner three year old” was throwing a tantrum. All that wasted time and energy for nothing. At the same time, I was proud of the example I had set for my kids although I was not experiencing any emotional satisfaction in the moment!

It was also heartwarming when one of the twins, Evie, said, “It’s okay mom. We can just try our best!” Way to get a little perspective on the important things in life!

And later that evening, Kyle picked up the right humidifier from another store and all was well. It really wasn’t a big deal even though it felt urgent in the moment. 

Reducing A/C Consumption: $22 Saved

July was an expensive month for electricity. Since we only moved into our house last year, we didn’t realize just HOW expensive it is to run the air conditioner! So we strategized for and have only been running the A/C at certain times of the day. It has been such a minor adjustment that I could hardly believe it’s saved us $22 a WEEK.

Checking the manufacturer’s warranty policy: $215 Saved

The humidifier and the printer were both under a manufacturer warranty. I’m admittedly terrible about following up with this stuff because half the time the warranty is “limited” and they won’t replace a product that broke well before it should have.

Kyle, on the other hand, will scour the warranty policy to see if we have a valid claim. In the case of both the broken humidifier and the printer, we did! As a result, we’re getting replacements on both for free.

Those are three relatively small choices we made that have made us $257 richer in the last seven days. These fleeting moments in which we make decisions to put something back on the store shelf, to switch off the A/C for a few hours, and to read the manufacturer warranty don’t feel significant in the moment. However, they have a significant impact on your bank account balance!

What is one choice that saved you money this week? Comment below!

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how we saved $257 this week

  • Karine says:

    I love all these money saving tips you found! The AC really does add up!

    • Lauren says:

      It really does! The reason I wrote this post is because I was genuinely surprised that these very small moments saved so much! It’s easy to see when you’ve “blown it” but harder to recognize when a good choice has kept money in the bank account.

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